Sharing of philosophy

We take care of victims here. This is not a place to speak out against nuclear power plants. But it is necessary at least to put ourselves in the victim’s shoes.

Based on an understanding of our position, donations are sent in, and volunteers offer to help us.

The staff working here must be independent individuals who want to be involved in the purpose of this facility. Working here can be harder than working elsewhere, but we have to constantly keep in mind that the people who help us as unpaid volunteers have an even harder job.

Moreover, not only the directors and members of this project, but also the staff too might not be able to continue working here unless they truly empathize with our philosophy. If they do not do so, we think they cannot build a good relationship with our volunteers. When we employ people, we ask for their signature, which symbolizes their deep understanding and empathy with our philosophy.

And as with our staff, we also want anyone wishing to become a volunteer, or wanting to apply for any job here, to read our philosophy of Okinawa Kumi No Sato over and over, and to understand it thoroughly. Also, we want those who wish to be part-timers to cooperate only after reading it, and constantly renew their agreement with our philosophy.