Organization and Management System

The ‘Incorporated NPO Okinawa Kumi No Sato’ is run by a committee which has full responsibility of its operation. Its headquarters are situated in the same building as DAYS JAPAN’s editorial division office, at 1-37-19-302 Matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

As of November 2012, HIROKAWA Ryuichi serves as the Chairman of the Committee and SUZUKI Kaori as its Vice Chairman. Its administration is carried out at three offices: ‘Tokyo’ (managed by HIROKAWA Ryuichi), ‘Iwaki’ in Fukushima Prefecture (managed by SUZUKI Kaori) and ‘Kume Island’ in Okinawa (also managed by HIROKAWA until January 7, 2013, when he will be succeeded by KAWAGUCHI Naomi).

Each office has its own main duties: the Kume Island Office deals with management of the recuperation center, accommodation for the children and their guardians and receiving volunteers; the Iwaki Office handles applications for the recuperation program and dispatching the respondents to the center; the Tokyo Office handles fund-raising for the operation and organizing P.R. events.

Registered as an Incorporated NPO in October 2012, the organization operates solely on donations, mainly from individuals, without any governmental support. These donations include the proceeds from the concerts held across Japan and a nineteen million yen contribution by ISHII Tatsuya, who has run a charity event called ‘Ground Angel’ for more than ten years. This was gratefully received and used for the refurbishment of the buildings. In addition, there have been other substantial anonymous monetary donations.

Most of the contributions are collected through the Days Japan Support Fund for the Children of Fukushima but the Fukushima Children’s Fund also runs a fund-raising campaign. All donations are then transferred to the KUMI FUND bank account.