Our objective is to help maintain the health of children who have been affected by Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.
After the Chernobyl Disaster, there were many people in Japan who repeatedly stated that the same kind of disaster could easily happen here in Japan. Unfortunately, however, nobody was able to prevent the disaster, and it has produced numerous victims. Both the government and the media repeatedly stated that ‘NUCLEAR POWER IS SAFE’, with the result that large numbers of people were exposed to radiation. Even now, there are people who are forced to live as refugees and children who continue to reside in highly radiation-contaminated areas. Moreover, some of these areas have the levels of contamination equal to those of the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. Even after more than one and a half years, the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster continues to afflict huge numbers of people today. Considering that the effects of Chernobyl Disaster have already endured for over twenty-six years, the impact of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster can be said to be far from over.

Some may think that it was a man-made disaster, the officials responsible should carry out the relief and support activities. We naturally consider these activities to be very important, but time does not wait. We cannot simply leave the children as they are until the responsible officials start to do their job.

The damage has been quite extensive but the children who still live in the radiation-contaminated areas or who were exposed to radiation during the initial disaster can restore their health and may become immune to future diseases if they are able to visit recuperation facilities for certain period of time.

The objective of Okinawa Kumi No Sato is to free these children from stress by offering uncontaminated ground for them to play spontaneously, and delay from the progress of internal exposure by supplying uncontaminated food, allowing them to build up their resistance and immunity.

Following the Chernobyl Disaster, radiation affected peoples’ immune systems, leading to the appearance of various serious diseases. A lot of people look to advanced medical care for the prevention of diseases in children, and although this is definitely important, our relief activities over twenty years at Chernobyl have taught us that recuperation is effective method of preventing damage to the immune system by radiation. Our task is to protect children from further exposure to radiation, to allow them to eat safe food in order to prevent internal exposure, to free them from stress and let them spend their time in a leisurely fashion. We believe that by so doing, we can avoid the future occurrence of disease in these children.

The Okinawa Kumi No Sato is a facility established to offer children time and space for recuperate. Some say that children’s health will reverse as soon as they return home because a mere two or three weeks’ is insufficient for a full recuperation. Indeed even though they do build up their resistance, it is only a matter of time before their immune systems and resistance will weaken again. That is why, in Chernobyl, they say it is necessary to repeat recuperation before the occurrence of disease due to lack of resistance. Evacuating children is the best solution, but if this is not possible, there is no other way but repeated recuperation.