Incorporated NPO Okinawa Kumi No Sato
The Founding Principles
(Revised November 2012)

I previously laid out the principles behind the Okinawa Kumi No Sato project in writing in order to increase public recognition of the organization and facilitate people’s understanding of its operational policy, but as it has since acquired Incorporated NPO status, I decided to revise the text. I would like you all—our supporters, allies, staff and volunteers—to read the following.

The Founding Principles of the Incorporated NPO
‘Okinawa Kumi No Sato’

Background Of Its Foundation

Organization And Management System


Dear Supporters,

Sharing Of Philosophy

The Meaning Of This Facility In Kume Island


 NPO Okinawa Kumi No Sato – Recuperation Photo Album and Youtube

July 25, 2012 (Revised November 20, 2012)
HIROKAWA Ryuichi, Chairman, Incorporated NPO Okinawa Kumi No Sato